Wednesday, July 21, 2004

* I know that I linked to stories about this last week, but this more recent story builds a larger case against Honest Joe Wilson. Despite all of the vagueness that usually attends the "Bush is a liar" rhetoric, the "Iraq was trying to purchase uranium (for nukes) from Niger" is the one specific "lie" these people have clinged to from the get go. If you have any remaining doubts as to who the liars are, please read this article: "A Little Literary Flair".


Blogger pbryon said...

OK, so Joe ain't perfect, though the White House did say that those "16 words" shouldn't have been in the SOTU. And I certainly can't defend Sandy Berger, either. (Nor did I defend Bill in Monicagate, for that matter.)

But the bigger issue with Wilson was that someone in the White House broached his wife's security, and some intelligence-gathering capability of the country, by outing her to Novak and a few other journalists. To me, this is more important that Joe calling George a liar.

I really have to stop letting you rile me up. Then again, I guess that's the point of these blogs, isn't it?

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