Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Speaking of liars, from what I've been told, Clinton's memoirs reflect a deep reservoir of memories related to nearly everyone who has crossed his path in his lifetime. Although I think that any claim that Bush is a liar was, until recently, woefully uncharitable, in the absence of evidence that clearly contradicts that charge, it was at least an opinion that could not be affirmitively and objectively disproved. That, of course, has changed, with the primary "Bush lie" blowing up in the face of the lying liar who told it.   Now, the charge that Bush is a liar is no longer merely uncharitable, it is a lie.  (By pointing this out, of course, I am trying to chill free speech and quiet dissent.)

But hey, I am an admitted Clinton hater, and I'm sure I accused him of being a liar prior to having any definitive proof.  So I have some sympathy for Bush haters.   My proof, however, eventually came my way. Remember the lip-biting, index finger waving "I did not have improper relations with that woman." There was a chance that this was true in the Clintonian sense, which hinges upon the accepted definition of each word in the sentence. For example, this statement had a chance to be true if one defines "improper" in the same manner as his core constituency: a sexual relation is only improper if the male doesn't wear a condom, or if he wears a lambskin condom (PETA would object). But then the stain on the dress blew up even that defense of his honesty.

He has 900 plus pages of vivid memories from over 50 years; pity he "could not recall" so many memories closer to the surface.


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