Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Link Day

* Do you share with me the fantasy of going back to high school, knowing everything that you know now, and being a conservative wise-ass punk kid who ridicules your teachers and fellow students. Then read this. It won't disappoint.

* Here is a question to add to the racially biased SAT verbal section (I've added ebonics in paranthesis to make it a racially fair question - substitute for the italicized text)- Coach K, as a highly successful college coach, would have been (be) to the Lakers as:
a) Rick Pitino was (be) to the Celtics;
b) Larry Brown was (be) to the Pistons (or Sixers, Pacers, Clippers, etc.)

I know this is an easy one, but send me your thoughts.

* ESPN has put forth Philadelphia as the second most tortured sports town. Which beckons the question - who has it worse than us Philly fans? Apparently we have to wait until next Tuesday to find out.

* Jeopardy Answer: Sexual harrassment laws, the independent cousel statute, and campaign finance reform laws.
Jeopardy Question: Name three laws rammed down the throats of Americans by Democrats, who then wail and complain when such laws come back to bite them on the ass.

Remember - Clinton's impeachment was "just about sex"; actually it was about lying about sex in a sexual harrassment suit brought against him. And Kenneth Starr was a sexual McCarthyite whitch-hunter. Now joining the ranks of laws that liberals consider to be appropriate if and only if applied to Republicans is campaign finance laws. Apparently, a literal application of such laws would land Michael Moore in some deep trouble, and you can read about it here. Don't hold your breath waiting for the Bush administration to prosecute, but could you imagine the cries of censorship coming from the left if he did merely try to uphold the ill-chosen laws of the land.

* The "two Americas" vice presidential candidate no doubt feels the pain of those who pay high health care costs and those who cannot afford insurance, but what is less obvious to us in the lumpen proletaiat is that Edwards and his trial lawyer buddies are a big reason those costs are so high. The Health and Human Services department of the federal government estimates that reasonable limits on non-economic damages would reduce the amount of taxpayer's money the federal government spends on health care by up to $50.6 billion per year. And this is just what the federal government would save in reduced Medicare, Medicaid, and other health benefit transfers. It does not account for the larger percentage of the market that pays directly for health insurance. Where does the $50.6+ billion go? Well, one-third percent goes to John Edwards and others who bemoan our two Americas. Heck, with those savings annualized, we'd have enough money to not only reconstruct Iraq, but we could also institute some good old fashioned regime change in Syria and Iran with money to spare.

* Kim Jong-il, the leader of North Korea, recently shot 37 under par in a round of golf that featured 5 holes-in-one. But even with such obvious hyperbole from the benevolent Communist dictator, in the eyes of one wag, poor Kim isn't quite in the same league of despicable golf cheats as Bill Clinton. I personally disagree, and how can you not given the comparative magnitude of cheating. But the difference in the scale of cheating between a guy who tried to socialize 1/7th of our economy and another who has socialized everything in his gives whole new meaning to the saying that communists are just socialists in a hurry.

* An absolute classic from Lileks.


Blogger the giant said...

Cleveland has to be the most tortured sports town. They do have the rock'n'roll hall of fame, though.

Answer to question one is A) as Rick Pitino be to the Celt's.

Same would be true of Bobby Knight. Reminds me of a high school coach in a different sport who dominated as a high school coach but was only average as a college coach. Being a coach at any level is all about getting the players to buy into the system. Personally I don't think Coach K could get generally selfish professional basketball players to buy into the "team" system. LB was lucky this year and has had success in doing this with other franchises, but it's hard to get all the right players and if you don't have them pro bball players return to their selfish ways (e.g. Kobe's playoff performance).

Rasheed Wallace was interviewed earlier this year (b/f his trade to Detroit) and was quoted as saying "it's all about CTC". When asked what CTC was, he replied "cut the check". Being a team player doesn't get it done unless you win it all - and LB was able to convince Rasheed that if they played as a team they'd get it done.

On the flip side, look at the Lakers. In game 1 of the finals, Shaq - arguably the most dominant player in the NBA today - had 34 points (and Kobe 4) in a losing effort. Despite Shaq's dominance in the paint, Kobe rarely passed the ball to Shaq and basically said he had to "work through his shot". Kobe will find out what a good thing he had w/Shaq when they are separated next year and Kobe is double or triple-teamed every night. Shaq should move back to Paterson NJ and play for the Nets.

Finally, regarding health care costs and tort reform, my personal opinion is that if someone is truly injured, s/he should be able to sue for unlimited damages and a judge and/or jury should use set a reasonable limit on a case-by-case basis. A limit should be set on the amount that the attorneys can make on such cases, though. I have no problem with someone who is seriously injured receiving a million dollar (or so) settlement. The problem I have is when the lawyer walks away with over $300,000 of it. Reasonable time and expense charges would be fine, but 1/3 of the settlement is outrageous...

9:23 AM  
Blogger John Wolfram said...

The high school link was certainly interesting. Not surprising at all but interesting. Of course I was highly offended by it. Now it makes me wonder, how does this kid have room for any condoms in his wallet with all that constitutional paperwork in there?

Coack K is Rick Pitino but at a school with smarter kids and a worse haircut (well not much worse)

I agree with the Giant about Cleveland.

You know it's bad when the lawyers who chase after or defend doctors make way more than the doctors. The problem I see is that all of these statements (mine and yours) are largely generalizations. On this I also agree with the Giant that circumstances alter cases, and a general rule is bound to screw each side in one instance or another.

I want to hear more about why we should hate Jimmy Carter. Not that I love the guy, but the list of guys to hate can only be so long, and I wonder why he should be on it if Scotty Pippen and Larry Bird aren't.

7:50 AM  

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