Friday, July 23, 2004


A twist on an old joke applies equally to a new phenomenon: 95% of the population Googles itself, and the other 5% are liars.  To that end, here are a few facts about my life that even I didn't know:

- I have written "a dynamic story that captures the essence of survival w/in an African American family in a Mississippi swamp."  No easy feat for white guy who grew up in South Jersey!  But there's more;

- I was one of the last larger than life characters in the Yukon, until recently passing away;

- I am the founder and creator of the Village Banking method of poverty lending;

- If you don't like this particular blog, why not check out my other blog, or a third.

- Though some people scurrilously think that I got cut from the Freshman basketball team, how does your memory square with the fact that 1982-83, I scored over 20 ppg and had 11 rpg as the 6'7" center of St. Francis Xavier?

- In my spare time, I am the Kennan Professor Emeritus at UNC's school of public health, and you can check out a speech I delivered here.

- But the way I pay the bills is as a real estate agent in Portland Oregon "who will speak openly to you, evaluate your needs, and address your questions and concerns."

Quite a busy life, wouldn't you agree?  Others I am sure meet with more success, like my good friend Greg Sawka, whose poker skills recently netted him $15K, which, judging from this picture, he apparently squandered over the course of several months in the Nevada desert at $5 all-you-can-eat prime rib buffets.  Greg, you should have visited my buddy Tom Metzger while you were out there; he lives in Vegas, and if memory serves he had no meetings of the White Aryan Resistance during your time in Vegas, so he would have been free.


Blogger John Wolfram said...

Wow. For a minute there I thought that this blog demonstrates how much free time you I see that you are very busy indeed!

I also subsequently learned that I am a rep in Burton Ohio for a company called OPS Systems that develops Operations and Maintenance Software that's easy to use! I even have associates -- John Wolfram & Associates -- which is quite a revelation since I have historically had a difficult time finding anyone who would agree to associate themselves with me.

Sorry to hear about your passing in the Yukon; good thing you captured that story about survival in the Mississippi swamp before your untimely demise.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Rothy said...

The St Francis reference seems about right given that I would expect that team only scored about 30pts per game.....attributing 10pts per game to assists dished out by the point guard, you very well could have been the 6' 7" scorer who obviously never passed the ball to anyone else!!!

1:42 PM  

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