Thursday, June 24, 2004

The No Coherence Blog

There is no unifying theme to today's blog. Just a couple of random thoughts, and the testing of actually setting up a link to other blogs on the internet so that I can direct you to people who can actually write, and who even get paid for it.

* First, a reader writes to suggest that today's blog should be dedicated to the 90210 reunion that aired on VH1 last night. Unfortunately, as much as this topic interests me, yesterday I was living the Life or Reilly (or Hageman, if you know him); I played hookie from work so I could go tackle the links of Bretton Woods (a private golf course owned by the IMF), and followed that up by drinking copious beers at an outdoor bar until after the 90210 special had ended. I lack Tivo, ergo my only comment is that, if Shannon Doherty was not there, it was no reunion! I welcome commentary from anyone who did see it.

* Second, judging by the comments received to past blogs, it seems that my Lakers hating article was the only one that sparked great interest. It makes me think I should write more about sports, but somehow I doubted that a celebration of Reteif Goosen's victory over Phil Mickelson would not generate the same visceral reactions that expressed hatred in the Lakers seems to. Aside from the man breasts, I couldn't think of compelling reasons to hate Phil Mickelson and revel in his defeat.

* Third, no blog is complete without some politics. Here I will address the logic of the "not enough troops on the ground" argument in Iraq. The argument is self-explanatory, but the logic that underlies it is never questioned. It amounts to the same old liberal piety that is applied to domestic issues, such as education - more is always better. It would seem to me that this would make sense if there was an Iraqi army holed up in one spot and ready to go at us, but we pretty much demolished that Army in all of ten days.
The opposition we now face is geographically very dispersed, and none of it is wearing a uniform. It is a far different challenge. Because we have bent over backwards to limit the collateral damage of tyring to vanquish such elements, we have limited our ability to go where these guys are and route them out. But whether or not we choose to do that, I don't see how more troops is the answer. If you've seen the movie Black Hawk Down, ask yourself the question of whether more troops for that specific mission would have led to anything other than more American deaths. In that case, more troops would have only meant more targets for enemy combatants, and no greater probability of success.

* Lastly, a test to see if I can actually create a link. I am linking to, a Minnesotan who actually lives in my old neighborhood in Southwest Minneapolis. He is a reformed liberal living in a neighborhood that sported more "No War in Iraq" yardsigns than trees, and the neighborhood has lots of trees. Today, apparently, those signs have been replaced with "Get Halliburton Out of Iraq." His daily posting is rather quixotic; a mix of everyday life observations and a few political rantings, or which todays is typical. Hope you enjoy.


Blogger the giant said...

Everyone needs a mental health day! How was the course, and whose bags did you carry?

First - 90210 reunion was a repeat, but it was worth it. Shannon was on, and she is still the ugliest girl in the class. No doubt that Kelly was Betsy Watson.

My apologies for the rest of the lineup on VH1. But "when Heavy Metal ruled the world" was an adequate substitute for "when Playboy ruled the world". Probably better, actually.

Next - Link worked. Interesting article. Middle America sure is a different world. Not necessarily better or worse (and no offense intended), just different...

9:16 AM  
Blogger pbryon said...

My brothers and I continue to call Phil "Man Boobs," so I chuckled at that.

But being what you might call a liberal--I think its a requirement in the public health field--I'll take a crack at the more troops in Iraq argument. The problem isn't the amount of troops, its the composition. And I don't mean nationality. Not that Kosovo has been a cakewalk, but that situation was run quite differently than the one in Iraq. The "war army" went in, and when their job was done, they were replaced by the "services army," who were able to do many of things that, in my opinion, led to the Iraq situation being what it is today. Things like making sure the power was on, the water was clean, that things were getting rebuilt, etc. To my knowledge, we still haven't made that big switch. Iraqis still have to deal with a lack of basic services in many geographic areas. While some of that now is a matter of sabotage, I think the attitudes were fueled by the US writing a check that they weren't prepared to back up.

And apropos of nothing, the Phillies new ballpark is quite nice. Was there with my pops for Father's Day. Pittsburgh's is still nicer...

10:33 AM  
Blogger John Wolfram said...

If you want to talk about sports and hate, you might consider asking your readers what their feelings are about the following--love 'em or hate 'em?

a. Boston Celtics (circa 1980's)
b. Dallas Cowboys (basically anytime)
c. Mike Tyson
d. Dennis Rodman
e. Tom Arnold (OK he's not really about sports but if you have cable you know what I mean)

1:41 PM  

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