Friday, June 11, 2004

Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't

Is the irony of the current 9-11 commission inquiry apparent to anyone but me? Here we have a commission charged with determining exactly how we could have prevented the 9-11 attacks. Now of course they are asking the question from an intelligence/military/defense standpoint, rather than saying - if we had only pulled our troops out of Saudi Arabia, left Israel to its own devices, converted to Islam (and not just plain vanilla Islam - the kind where we would swear to kill infidels). That is good, of course. So the question of the day is: what could we have done unilaterally, with the force at our disposal, to prevent the 9-11 attacks from occurring?
The answer, if we follow the arguments against the Iraq war, is that whether or not it was feasible to do something, we had no right to do anything! Sure, Osama had created a little trouble here and there, perhaps no more or no less than Saddam (even putting aside the first gulf war). But had we pre-empted, wouldn't that just make us bullies, unwilling to heed the advice of the French? Wouldn't such actions have led to easier recruitment efforts for the terrorist organizations? Apparently we need to be devastatingly attacked before we merit any sympathy from France and others in our efforts to protect American citizens. And until we have such sympathy, we are supposed to just stand by and let a cancer grow. I'm sure you see some difference here, but I guarantee you if Bush (and I wouldn't make the same claim about Clinton) had gone into Afganastan prior to 9-11 to wipe out a few terrorist camps, we would have been treated to daily pictures of moral idiots protesting with signs that portray Bush as Hitler. And John Kerry, the French, the Germans, etc. would have been decrying the move right up until today.


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Why are the congress folks and media scratching their heads about what could have prevented 9/11? Why do they wax philosophic about the reasons for why we were attacked? How can bush say it's becuase "they hate our values" and get away with that unchecked by politicians and the media?

Bin Laden's "Declaration of War" in 1996 made it clear his reasons. While no sane person agrees with such reasons, he pretty much spells it all out here:

It boils down to our occupation of lands that are not our own and absurd levels of support for another terrorist state known as Israel. What economist in their right mind can justify total funding of over $74 TRILLION to Israel since 1949 (not even adjusted for inflation)? See

What is the cost benefit of such support and our occupations? It's too costly in terms of dollars, safety, and our freedom? Why do we even care about being over there or supporting Israel? Fact is the average American Joe doesn't give a damn about the Middle East or Israel. We just want to enjoy our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It's not clear or has not been verbalized by our politicians why it's worth it for us to occupy such land or support Israel. And the press doesn't even bother to call the politicans on it.

Rather, we have these expensive and timely cluster-Fs such as the 9/11 commission. And we Americans sit here idlely and let it all happen because we're powerless against the political-military-industrial-media complex. While I won't say the cliche that America is dead...I will say that America is operating at about 1/1000th of its principle. Hence America is not America of yore. What we do about it that fact is another story.

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