Monday, January 09, 2006

2005 Christmas Card - Better Late?

"Sorry Santa, We couldn't risk the coal this year."

That was the Christmas card this year for those of you didn't get one. It's a sequel from last years (go to the December 2004 archives and page down a ways), but can also stand alone. My opinion - overall a poor effort. I compromised my artistic integrity by bowing to the sensitivities of my liberal friends by not arming my kids with automatic weapons. It would have been especially nice to send a card like that to the Children's Defense Fund - one of Hillary's favored causes - with the caption "Now that's what I call Children's Defense!" Nothing like affirming a baby's second amendment rights at Christmas time.

Also, making the decision to be an actor in this year's card left the artistic direction to the Wife of Hatcher - good, but not good enough. At the very least, I should have had the kids hog tie me. Anyway, next year I think I'm going to play it straight with khaki pants, white shirts, and the beach in the background. I'm tired of trying to make it clever. Although, I have been thinking of doing a mock Christmas letter - not to mock those who do - I really do like them, but it might be fun to craft one.

Tomorrow - another walk down bar memory lane to a classic Minneapolis watering hole.


Anonymous the giant said...

After the photo did you take your kids out to the park to look for the pair of glasses you lost in the Santa's w/ Hair vs. Bald Santas muffin-football game, or did you tale the kids striaght to Who's on Third to shake down some of santa's female elves?

Did the beard smell like stale beer?

I was disappointed at Christmas this year. All I asked Santa for was his list of naughty girls and he didn't come thru......

7:24 AM  
Blogger pbryon said...

I particularly like the looks on the faces of your boys. (Not sure if that was from the direction of Wife of Hatcher or not.) The twins are tieing you up with glee. The youngest is just an innocent. But the middle boy--sorry, I don't know names yet--has this somewhat troubled look on his face. On one hand, he's happy to be having fun with dad and the brothers, but on the other hand, he seems to be wondering if this whole tieing up Santa thing will somehow impact what he might be getting from the real McCoy.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you spend way too much effort on the Christmas card photo. In the Snake household, we just print the latest photo in the digital camera and take it to the local CVS for card printing. Mrs. Snake was pretty disappointed when this year's Christmas Card picture was of Jimmie Johnson taking his victory lap at the MBNA 400. It was either that or a picture of her brother Louie dowing a 12 pack in the parking lot before the race.

4:32 AM  

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