Thursday, September 16, 2004

Wo Fat vs. McGarrett / Little League Dad

We have all encountered them - the little league dad (LLD). I remember as a kid the LLD - constantly harrassing his kid, the umpires, the coaches, the parents of other kids, looking to get his kid more playing time, etc. etc. And I remember, even at that early age, thinking to myself - someday I'll grow up and be a dad like that!

Each kid you have, as I see it, is another chance to relive and achieve your own shattered dreams. The more dreams you had, the more kids you need. It would be irresponsible of me to foist all of them on one kid - too much pressure. So I am spreading them out across the whole lot. What I have failed to do I can ammend by assuring the success of a kid that shares half of my genes, which will thereby prove that my own results in life are just as likely to be the result of the system being hopelessly biased against me, rather than being attributable to any deficiencies on my part.

My dad was no LLD. Extremely happy, no broken dreams to foist on me. No pressure, just unyielding support. Look where that gets ya!


It seems readers drew the proper lesson from Wednesday's post, and that is this: if you haven't seen the episode of McGarrett in the sensory deprivation tank, you are missing out. I posted a comment to that post that gives you a link to purchase the episode. Here is another link to the entire rivalrous relationship between Steve and Wo Fat, the ChiCom espionage agent who put McGarrett in the tank. Wo Fat appears in 11 episodes over the years, and as that link points out, the nature of his dastardly deeds changed after Nixon went to China. McGarrett, by the way, was hypnotized to provide false information to Wo Fat while in the tank, and was caught by Wo Fat as part of the master plan.

Wo Fat was last seen at a DNC fundraiser for Bill Clinton in 1996. No doubt somewhere on the internet there is a picture of him giving an envelope stuffed with bills to Clinton himself, as McGarrett, like all true dead Americans, rolled over in his grave.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have gotten to the David Lee Roth stage of your career, you know when you ask the audience if they have any requests, but ooh ooh pick me, I have one. Over the weekend while your yelling at other parents and their kids and the umps, could you ponder the idea of "why in the hell are there people that are still undecided in the stinking election?'" because quite frankly I am getting sick of hearing about them and worse when they are interviewed, do they wish for cars and presents like this is Oprah? Whats the dilly-o! By the way, go Sox!!!!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It figures Wo Fat was involved in the sensory deprivation episode. That was a rivalry indeed!!! McGarrett vs. Wo Fat was more than professional, it got personal.

12:23 PM  

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