Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Batman protester held after Buckingham Palace intrusion

Check out the name of the batman protestor. And you thought I was the black sheep of the family! I'm the normal one. Note also that Robin got arrested before being able to equal Batman's stunt - boy wonder my ass! - Batman should have cut him loose long ago. I do have to say in the abstract I support the guy's cause, mostly because I suspect that the UK is similar to the US in giving fathers a raw deal with respect to custody and visitation rights with their kids: MSNBC - ?Batman? protester held after Buckingham Palace intrusion


Blogger Incredible Dirigible said...

So Batman was revealed to be Jason Hatch, & Robin was revealed to be pretty useless...good article, complete with pictures. I wonder if there was the obligatory "Pow!" "Bam!" "Ooof" when he was booked by Scotland Yard (or whoever the English cops are).

But the question is, if Dr. JOHN Hatch was a superhero, who would he be?? I guess he would have the Hulk's physique no matter who he was. If John Hatch was Batman, what kind of car would the Batmobile be?? Is there such thing as a Batminivan??

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