Monday, September 13, 2004

Gun Control Activists Want to Kill Puppies

Sure, you hear about all of the people who use guns to commit heinous crimes, but you never hear about all of the puppies that use their guns successfully in self-defense.

And speaking of the media, have you seen the flap over the forged documents that comprised the recent 60 Minutes story concerning Bush's performance in the National Guard? It took the blogosphere about a nanosecond to recognize that the documents were typed in a font that didn't exist at the time the documents are dated. 60 Minutes is still trying to figure it out, which is odd, because everyone who works there had about 50 years of experience on the old style typewriters by 1972.

The American Spectator even reports that some in the media think that Karl Rove might have planted the forgeries in the expectation that the mainstream media, which ignored the Swift Boat vets completely until Kerry himself started talking about it, would rush it to press. I can just see Karl Rove, with a fake mustache and a black winter cap, dropping the documents off at Kerry HQ - memo to Democrats, the vast right wing conspiracy would be hopeless without your stupidity. The Spectator also reports that the documents were initially provided to theKerry camp, which was very skeptical about their authenticity, but passed them along to 60 Minutes to let them do the heavy lifting.

Good thing Walter Cronkite warned the world about the lack of fact checking on the internet. It is true that there are, ahem, many cranks with websites that do no fact checking, but if one really wants to know the full story behind what some prick at 60 Minutes decides you should know, it is very easy to get both sides of the story with a simple Google search.

Score one for Karl Rove! His powers are so ubiquitous that they even scare me; sure, I am a Bush supporter, but what if one day I turn against the guy. I'll tell you my fear, but first some background.

Prospective members of the Iraqi Republican Guard, Saddam's elite services, were subject to a unique test of loyalty (when they weren't flying kites in Farenheit 911). Other members of the Guard would break into the home of a prospect in the wee small hours of the morning, put a gun to his head and announce that they were involved in a coup attempt to overthrow Saddam. If you are in, they say you will live; if you refuse to join the coup, they shoot you dead on the spot. Only problem was that the truth was the opposite - if the little wannabe fascist said he'd join the coup, they put a cap in his ass (as we say in the hood). Sometimes I wake in a cold sweat after a nightmare in which Rove has offered me a similar bait and switch deal - to renounce Bush in print or die.


Blogger pbryon said...

Its not a dream...take the deal!

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

talk about the ultimate catch 22, Karl Rove is an evil Milo Minderbender, by the way that makes Bush the dumb ass coronel, what a coincidence

2:32 PM  
Blogger Miller said...

no comment

8:18 AM  

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