Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I Am Sorry You Don't Believe in Blogging

Quick e-mail communication, slightly edited, from yesterday:

Professor Vic to the Hatcher: "Care to comment?" followed by some of his own comments, with a link to an article intended to switch me to a beret-wearing Commie. Probably in retaliation for me sending him an article trying to turn him into a snuff-box carrying robber barron. But that is not the interesting part.

Hatcher to Professor Vic: "On the road ... no internet access ... back tomorrow"

Professor Vic to the Hatcher: "Damn it, Jerky [my grad school nickname]! How can you expect to be a cutting edge blogger if you make your legions of 6 loyal readers wait 24 hours for comments on breaking news? What, do you expect any of us to believe you've actually got a real job?"

Well, as you can imagine, I didn't respond via e-mail; I had to mull over these comments for a night, and here is what I gots to say:

"To the people who don't believe in blogging, the cynics and the skeptics, I'm sorry for you. I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles. But this is a hell of a blog."

Up until Sunday, Lance only had 6 Tour de France titles; I have six loyal readers. Lance got his seventh. I'll get mine. Sure, Professor Vic will be there to criticize, no doubt, but before he knows it he'll be teaching classes filled with students wearing little blue bracelets that say "LiveIdeasHatched."

I didn't like Lance's speech. Who in the heck doesn't believe in cycling - I saw the race on TV, I know it happened. Why give the critics the time of day in your last stand on the podium - you merely validate their existence.

I'm sorry to see him go - there is nothing like an American treking over to France every year and kicking the crap out of Europeans in their own backyard, while everyone in America is like -"I didn't even know cycling was a sport!" Even if he blood doped the entire time (which I don't believe he did) all that proves is that we either have superior athletes or superior synthetic drugs, or both - either way, America wins! Gotta love a photo of him waving the US flag around the Chammps Elysee. That makes 1o American wins in the last 20 Tour de France's, with Greg Lemond's 3 in the 1980s. The last time a French guy won, the year prior to Lemond's first victory, the consensus in the cycling community is that Lemond could have blown him away, but because he was on the same team as Hinault, he played the good leuitenant.

There has been some talk about Lance going into politics. No doubt if he does he'll be in the pocket of Big Pharma - those money grubbing bastards convinced him that their chemo drugs actually saved his life, when all he really needed to do was eat a couple dozen apple seeds per day, consult other holistic healing methods, and he would have won 8 tours. But Big Pharma would never let that happen - the cancer research industrial complex, along with a few Jewish bankers, run this country, and Lance won't even try to change that.


Anonymous Jim O said...

Pfah! This isn't even news. Everyone knows that Big Pharma is involved in the overall conspiracy. Heck, no one is even hiding it anymore. There's even a website about it - http://www.internationaljewishconspiracy.com/index.html

Tell me something new. BE MORE TOPICAL!!

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew those Jewish bankers were involved.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lance is too independent to go into politics. If he does he will fail. Riding the wave of popularity is not like riding a bike. He won't take to having someone tell him what to say about the issues, which is pretty much what has to happen for athletes to become politicians (unless they are very smart or are Arnold Schwarzenegger [allowing some latitude in the definition of 'athletes' here])

9:56 AM  

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