Tuesday, March 01, 2005

And the Oscar Goes to ... An Anti-American Loser ... Again

... Or maybe not. I penned this back when I thought Moore would be honored with an Oscar - turns out he only received the highest film award in France - surprise surprise!

Apparently Mike Moore is aggressively advertising for the Oscar, with print ads making the Academy aware that "their vote can still count," because of course their initial vote was thrown in the trash by evil Republican Katherine Harris wannabe election officials looking to suppress the vote. Let him have the Oscar - we'll take the Presidency for another four years. And just so you know, there is precendent for giving the Oscar to anti-American propaganda:

At the Academy Awards ceremony in 1975, the producer of the winner of the Oscar for best documentary, the pro-Hanoi film Hearts and Minds, said "Isn't it ironic that we are here at the time just before Vietnam is about to be liberated?" The movie includes the Daniel Ellsberg remark: "We aren't on the wrong side; we are the wrong side." The producer then proceeded to read to the audience a telegram of congratulations from the Vietcong. Susan Sontag exulted: "One can only be gald about the victory of the DRV [North Vietnam] and the PRG [Viet Cong]... It would have been disheartening if America had its way with Indochina."

That movie, surprise surprise, was recently re-released (about 2 weeks prior to the election) - you can read James Bowman's review here. Maybe Moore can refrain his sentiment comparing the terrorists in Iraq to the minutemen of the American Revolution in his acceptance speech. And if things turn out in Iraq like they did in Vietnam, look forward to the liberated people of Iraq getting on makeshift rafts and setting sail for the US; as the DC saying from the Carter era goes, "lose a country, gain an ethnic restaruant."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well how about this....Clint Eastwood gets the Oscar and he is one who, as I understand it, publicly stated that he would kill Michael Moore. Sounds like an All-American to me!

7:23 AM  
Blogger Hatcher said...

I'm no fan of Eastwood's award winning movie. But I will say this - since the arch theme of that movie was the virtues of euthanasia - is it any surprise that the good director considers some lives less worthy than others, with Michael Moore in the list of undesirables?

7:38 AM  

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