Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Unmolested at DuPont Circle

So today shortly after lunch I am strolling up to DuPont Circle to buy a bag of pretzels, secure in the knowledge that for the first time in at least six months I will not be caught in the "Do you wanna help defeat George Bush" ambush that involves two young ne'ar do wells that face each other from about 10 yards away so that together they can accost everyone walking by, regardless of direction.

When asked that question, I would think back to Mad Magazine, which used to publish comic books that consisted entirely of stupid answers to stupid questions (I think they may have even called the comic book by that title, and there were also stupid comebacks to stupid answers to stupid questions). And in my mind I would respond: "Sure, I'd like to help defeat George Bush. What cell of Al Queda are you looking to have me sign up with? Will I get to meet Osama? Or are you recruiting insurgents for Fallujah? Man, that would be a nice gig - do I get to wear a hood." But then I would simply incoherently mumble something and move on.

I was right, of course - on the way there I went unmolested by the DNC today - but I am fully expecting to be asked tomorrow whether I want to impeach George Bush. But even today, taking a slightly different route back from CVS, I come across a table manned by Lyndon Larouche-ites, and a guy with a Kerry/Edwards sticker, passing out literature - dealing with what I do not know. But the signs around their table were revealing enough - a "Vote for Bush is a Vote for Hitler." Now there is some nuance for ya!


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