Thursday, October 21, 2004

James Kelly on Stem-Cell Research on National Review Online

Whoaa! If Kerry and Edwards would have healed Christopher Reeves and others similarly afflicted, doesn't that dry up a lucrative market for tort suits that their primary supporters bank on? I mean, no way a guy who is cured is going to fetch more than one in a wheelchair, no matter how well John Edwards channels thoughts for the jury. But there is good news for the trial lawyers - embryonic stem cells probably can never deliver the goods. Maybe Edwards will win you the suit, and then faith-heal you. James Kelly on Stem-Cell Research on National Review Online


Blogger Incredible Dirigible said...

Last week, the nation mourned the death of Christopher Reeve. Being a fan of Reeve & Superman, I was sad to hear of his death, but relieved for him that his suffering is over. I knew that Reeve was a liberal actor-activist even before his accident, but although I disagreed with his political opinions, I thought he came across as a genuinely nice guy & I respected that.

Anyway, I watched the news coverage of his death. The tributes were very nice, but there was also a big promotion of one of his causes--embryonic stem-cell research. There seemed to be an underlying message: "Don't dare oppose taxpayer-funded embryonic stem-cell research. Because if you do, you're keeping people like Chris Reeve paralyzed. You, the religious right, & President Bush. It's your fault that people are paralyzed. If Kerry's elected, he'll cure everyone." John Edwards even said something to this effect!

That bothered me. I'm a compassionate person. Why is that just because Christopher Reeve passed away, that people who oppose embryonic stem-cell research are to be villified? I believe Christopher Reeve was a very good-intentioned man & I felt very bad for his condition. But I also believe that he was exploited by scientists and politicians with an agenda. Here are two articles that concur with my belief.,2933,125873,00.html

I hope Reeve is walking & flying in a better place now. I admired him & his courage. But I believe he was used by people who took advantage of his tragedy.

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