Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Red Sox and the Greatness of David Hasselhoff

Wow! What a game! Actually, I didn't watch it; if I had, the Sox would have gone down hard. In Game 5, for example, I tuned in for five at bats, the third of which was Jeter poking a lame double off Pedro down the right field line to clear the loaded bases and put the Yanks ahead; the next two at bats I witnessed were Sox grounding into double plays to end innings that could have been fruitful.

Curt Schilling, without a doubt, will go down in baseball history as the best pitcher to never win a Cy Young award, with the possible exception of Cy Young. (And if it weren't Curt Schilling, it would be some other ex-Phillie - maybe Marty Bystrom).

For all of you Yank-haters out there who have chalked up the last three miraculous nights to the grace of God, you are only partly right; God no doubt got a lift from Vegas Heavy-T betting heavy on the Yankees in each of the last three games. Mariano blowing two saves and Schilling bleeding through his socks through seven innings to get the win - I know this is heresy, but frankly such events are less probable than any miracle recounted in the Bible. Send your donations through me to him if you'd like to lay the proper sized bet tonight, because I am sure he is broke by now.

As there must be at least one Yanks fan on the list, making this clearly a divisive e-mail akin to most of my political screeds, I'll leave you with a subject that all can agree upon - the genius of David Hasselhoff. This is from research performed by Professor Vic, which is only marginally less important than the research that will determine his tenure fate, but nevertheless will be more widely read than that:

Ok, I spend a lot of time surfing the web at 4:00 a.m. nowadays. Funny how that works. I arrived at the following remarkably humorous site through the type of unusual path that is only possible through the new technology that is the Internet. It started with my discovery (thanks to that William Shatner had a new album out called "Has Been." I highly recommend a trip to to hear some of the album.

The first track, "Common People", a "duet" with Joe Jackson is horrific but strangely alluring.
My trip to William Shatner reminded me of Shatner's great cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", which if you have not heard it, is truly a pinnacle of musical achievement. So I tried to track down a copy of the song on the web. None of the for sale downloading services like iTunes had a copy, and I have stopped stealing music, so I went to Amazon where the song can be purchased on CD as part of a compilation called "Golden Throats Volume 1."

This album also has Leonard Nimoy singing "If I had a Hammer" among other things. The 4th volume of Golden Throats has a version of the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood" overlaid with the "Mission Impossible Theme" that is a remarkably twisted thing. It is impossible to stop listening to. Like seeing a freak-show at the circus. The music clips available on Amazon for these albums are fantastic.

Well, one of the Amazon user lists that accompanied Golden Throats had a list of 20 other albums of horrid music including a yodeler singing show tunes, and a 70s children's choir in Canada singing 1970s standards.

Included in this was the Album, "Looking For - the Best of David Hasselhoff." While sound clips are not available for this album, you get a great feel for the disc from the remarkable reviews. There are over one thousand reviews of this musical work, all of which share the same opinion.
While no single review is a work of art, the complete body of reviews is extraordinary. Read the first 25 or so to get the proper idea. I think this should link you directly there. If not, just search for David Hasselhoff in Music and be sure to select the "Looking For" greatest hits album, not the regular one.


Blogger the giant said...

That fact that his album got 1011 reviews speaks for itself!! Pure genious.

Hatcher - - please provide a clue as to which review is yours.... Obviously I was the 27 year-old millionaire investment banker, on a date with a Czech Supermodel....

1:30 PM  

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