Monday, September 06, 2004

Do You Like Pina Coladas?

Whoa, sometime Friday after one of the NY protestors stumbled out of the roundhouse, they found their way to an internet cafe and hacked into Ideas Hatched to leave a comment that displays the fine logic that characterizes such protestors.

"it is always a question of semantics; liberator or occupier; pro choice or anti choice or pro abortions as if anyone is actually for abortion as opposed to the right to chose."

Uhh - come again? I heard that, I am just having some trouble comprehending it. So the distinction between liberator or occupier is merely a semantic one? Well then sign me up as an occupier, I guess. As a country, we seem to have a great record of occupying countries where the leaders like to kill a lot of their own people, so my guess is that, with the exception of those leaders, people don't really mind when we occupy them - at least initially, although they do learn to resent the fact that we were needed to bail them out (see, for example, France). My guess is that most of Eastern Europe would take exception, however, if you were to say that each was liberated in the aftermath of World War II by Russia. Good thing Reagan eventually decided to occupy them!

"Pro-abortion" as a euphemism? Well, that is a new one; in Church on Sundays when I am declaring my great faith in Jesus and imploring others in the congregation to support the killing of innocent civilians the world over, we generally agree that pro or anti-choice is the euphemism. If no one is for abortion, then why does anyone have to be for the right to choose one? You don't see a pro-choice movement in Boston regarding a right to choose to cheer for the Yankees for the obvious reason that nobody does.

"I have discovered after many years of republican witch hunting who they truly are, they are people who travel to resort areas in third world countries and proclaim the success of americanization although they never make it past their pina coladas and the resort doors to see utter poverty that lies with in well hidden areas."

Just a few questions: Out of curiosity, have you found any Republican witches yet? What techniques do you use to hunt them? How many years have you been doing it? Do you weigh them on a scale opposite a duck before you condemn them to be burned at the stake? Based upon what you've come to know about us, have you ever hunted one of us in one of those all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica? If not, I recommend it highly - a week full of eating lobster and drinking pina coladas is good for the soul, and there are plenty of us there for the hunting.

Actually, margaritas were my drink of choice while there, as I found it masked the stank poverty-ridden odor of the islanders working the resort better than a pina colada ever could hope to. (That is not to say that I don't like pina coladas, or getting caught in the rain, and I am not into health food, I am in to champagne). As for the utter poverty that lies in well hidden areas - would that it were so! In my twenty minute trip from the airport to the resort, I saw field after field of emaciated cows tied to posts; they were each apparently owned by different locals who had no land of their own, and who I guess would come by to milk every so often. Like I need to see this on my vacation? I can tell you that it didn't take long for me to complain to the manager of the resort!

You are absolutely correct, of course, it's America's fault, and I shouldn't blame the resort manager. For all of those years that Jamaica was an imperial colony of the United States, we simply raped the land of all its resources - otherwise how can anyone explain why we are so wealthy and they so poor?

"My favorite item about the republicans is their utter and total faith in Jesus and are more than willing to send others to liberate, I say to their death and to kill innocent civilians, like I said all semantics."

You like the word utter, don't you? I might turn that around and say that liberals have an utter and total tolerance for those with utter and total faith in Allah, who are more than willing to send others to their deaths and to kill innocent civilians. There is plenty of evidence for that. I'll let the readers decide whether your comparison or mine is more apt.


Blogger Incredible Dirigible said...

Just today, as I was surfing the internet, I came across an article on about "top 10 musical guilty pleasures". This Pina Colata song, with which I was completely unfamiliar until I read the blog, was among them!

Perfect timing.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, that hurt but the sox are on a huge upswing so nothing can get me down, however, the yanks losing 22-0 and asking for a forfeit while their opponents stay to comfort their families and protect their homes gives me a natural high.

as for you my and everyone chosing word, how many times have you ever seen pro-choice supporters outside a clinic shouting "Go, Go, Go"? However, I remember reading about aledged pro-lifers killing doctors and supporting the death penalty, thats a little at odds.

Next time in Jamaica stick to the pina coladas, margaritas are for acapulco

8:23 AM  
Blogger Incredible Dirigible said...

Anonymous said, "I remember reading about aledged pro-lifers killing doctors and supporting the death penalty, thats a little at odds"

Any true pro-lifer could tell you that the handful of people who kill abortion doctors do not represent the mainstream of the millions of pro-life people. No mainstream pro-life organization approves the killing of abortion doctors.

As far as equating abortion & the death penalty, they both involve killing. (Strangely, the proabortion people never seem to acknowledge that abortion involves killing.) Most of the comparison ends there. How do the numbers compare--are there more executions per year than abortions? How do the victims compare--are the unborn guilty like the Ted Bundys or the Timothy McVeighs of the world? I believe most clear-thinking people know the answers to these questions, regardless of what side of the fence they are on.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

obviously, of the millions of pro-choice people out there there are none that are pro-abortion, that is my point exactly its all in the way the opposition wishes to paint it. Does that make some one that is pro-life, anti-choice, not even close. But without doubt the fanatics (not all of course but there are those rare individuals) are on the far right (this issue) where as they even go as far bombing clinics, intimidation and ultimately murder.

by the way the republican witch hunting I have done is in the form of passive observation in third world countries. They are the ones who show up with a candy bar and the bible and think they have cured world hunger, not quite but it must make them feel good.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Professor Vic said...

I certainly don't feel guilty about the term "pro-choice." I truly think that any objective observer must conclude that that is the term that best describes the position.

I don't know of a single pro-choice supporter who doesn't think that abortion is sad and tragic. Al Gore summed up the opinions of the majority of Americans when he said that he wanted abortion to be "legal but rare." I am in favor of people having the right to adopt children or have babies as well, so I guess I am pro-life, pro-adoption, pro-abortion supporter.

While my family position has recently changed, I still don't see myself ever buying a minivan (unlike some bloggers I know); however, I respect the right of others to buy a minivan even if I wouldn't make the purchase myself. I think my position is neither "pro-minivan" nor "anti-minivan" but simply "pro-choice."

Obviously the decision to have an abortion is completely different than the decision of what kind of car to drive, and I certainly understand why some might think that "it's a life, not a choice." Still, it is insulting to suggest that us pro-choicers are abortion lovers. That is clearly far from true. We are not in favor of abortion but simply in favor of the right of someone to choose what to do.

Basically the term "pro-abortion" is simply a bit a name-calling on the part of the other side (who I am personally happy to call "pro-lifers" if that is their wish.)

12:47 PM  
Blogger Incredible Dirigible said...

Professor Vic-
I do respect your reasoned argument, but I have issue with one aspect: the "pro-minivan or anti-minivan" analogy has no *victim*, as abortion does. No minivans are destroyed in either case. The gravity of the abortion issue (killing of unborn baby) cannot be overlooked.

7:33 AM  

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