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Mel Gibson

So the boys escaped with the Wife of Hatcher one afternoon on vacation, while I minded the baby. When Charlie woke up, I took him up to the boardwalk to do a few rides. Meanwhile, the kids were busy at some store making me a craft-related birthday surprise for the following week. I meet them on their way back to our rented condo, and Jake, the four-year old, comes running up to me proudly keeping the secret and blurting out “I’m not telling you what we made for you, Dad.”

Bill, the wise six-year old keeper of secrets, knows that Jake’s statements has already given Dad a clue into his birthday present, and with krinkled brow, scolds Jake: “You’re not supposed to tell Dad that we made him anything.”

Jake, with a brief look of contrition aimed at Bill, quickly breaks into a smile when he figures a way out of this mess, turns to me, and says: “We didn’t make anything for you dad.”

A couple of days later, Joey lets the cat out of the bag, starting a story by saying “When we were painting daddy’s coffee mug …” He doesn’t finish the story because he realizes the gaff, as does everyone else at the table. With my birthday still days away, wanting to preserve their believing the surprise hasn’t been completely blow, I say something like “What, you painted me a roffee lug,” as if I hadn’t heard him clearly. Billy, again visibly annoyed with Joey’s revelation, but momentarily more piqued by my obtuseness, clarifies my understanding: “No, a cup, a mug.” That’s why he is the wise six-year old keeper of secrets.

The moral of the story is this: never go through the trouble, as I did, of snooping around looking for your surprise birthday gift from your kids when they are that young – eventually they’ll tell you what it is anyway.


So Mel Gibson’s in a lot of hot water. And lest my comment be interpreted as a defense of what he said, it is not. But from what I’ve read the reporting officer was basically told to edit his report and exclude the anti-Semitic comments, on the grounds that this was a drunk driving offense, and if word of what he said got out, it would create a whole firestorm. That seems like a sensible judgment call to me – if there were a dead Jew on the road 1 mile back from where Gibson was arrested, maybe those comments were pertinent to a potential crime, but a blood-alcohol test is a blood-alcohol test – you can’t blow a 1.0 and than say to the judge – “No way I was drunk – I didn’t insult any Jews when I was arrested.” I guess my question is this: is your police report a matter of public record?

That said, of course the leftie bloggers are all over the conservative Gibson for his remarks, but somehow they are all right criticizing him while expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people, Hezbollah, and everyone else who like to compare Israel to Hitler’s Germany. Go figure. The truth of the matter is a lot of people to both the extreme right and the extreme left hate Jews. But as a matter of American foreign policy, certainly the right is more in Israel’s corner than the left. I’m confident you’ll never catch Jimmy Carter saying those things, but I am also confident that a guy who regarded Arafat as being worthy of a Peace Prize is in no position to criticize a guy like Gibson. Now, lack of support for Israel does not imply hatred for Jews, but you cannot deny that in many cases, the two go hand in hand.


Hansirr commented that all my summer music picks were depressing; on retrospect they are. I think my general happy-go-luckiness has always led me to like depressing songs - it's like the only way I can experience the full range of human emotions is vicariously through the lyrics of heroine addicts. But aside from that, Summer lends itself to a feeling of loss - no other end of season is as much regretted, and no other season is as much anticipated. Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all seems apt for summer, but not for other seasons.

That said, when is the f*&$ing heatwave going to f&*%ing break!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're arguing that Mel Gibson is somehow morally superior to Jimmy Carter?

First, you are apparently watching way too much Entertainment Tonight.

Second, say all you want about Jimmy Carter as a President, but he's a pretty genuine down-to-Earth decent human being. Supporting free democratic elections and affordable, safe housing for the working poor seem like pretty admirable endeavors. And all the Habitiat for Humanity stuff is firmly grounded in Christian teachings.

The Hatcher usually hates Hollywood types. Now the Hatcher is telling us that a God-fearing, democracy-loving former President doesn't have the moral standing to criticize a member of the Hollywood set.

I think the Hatcher has reached outside his area of expertise. Let's have more posts about what a great idea it was to invade Iraq.


12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gibson's Passion of the Christ made him a marked man among some groups just waiting for the slightest slip-up. That said, this whole 'firesotrm' created over Gibson's comments about the war are curious. While its crazy to blame the Jewish population for the wars, if you know who AIPAC is, then you are informed enough to know that there is a group of powerful Jewish people operating in our country who were very adamant that we enter Iraq, adamant that we engage Iran, and generally place Israel's interest (a foreign country) above ours. Those are bad Jews and Gibson would be better served to target them. We talk about the Mafia in our culture but Italians don't create a media 'firestorm'. Similarly, we should point out that AIPAC is like a Mafia and worse. Simply Google AIPAC, review some different opinions on them and their influence and you'll see what I mean.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hatcher, what do you think about this article:

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least the tabloid shows have momentarily stopped talking about Hilton's self imposed celibacy and all the other junk out there.
let him say what he wants who really truly cares. there are too many important events going on all over the world to listen to some drunk hollywood type

9:54 AM  
Blogger Incredible Dirigible said...

I read on that actor/"comedian" Rob Schneider took out a full-page ad in some newspaper denouncing Gibson & saying he would never, ever work with this anti-Semite. My question is, when WOULD Schneider have worked with Gibson?? I mean, when was the last time Rob Schneider actually made a good movie? Something tells me the Copy Guy wasn't in line to star in Braveheart II or a sequel to The Passion of the Christ.

Mel really screwed up & it's a shame. It was good that he apologized but this is definitely hs "fall from grace" segment when he gets his own episode of "E! True Hollywood Story".

One more thing: Hatcher, do you associate the beach with Huey Lewis' "If This is It" since the 1984 video was set on the beach? I do.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right; if you're a movie star, the only religion you're allowed to offend is Catholicism.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having been on a Chartreuse bender or two, I know the feeling of regret that comes with a Saturday morning hangover. I have always liked Mel. I hope he pulls it out. But let's face it. His leading man days were behind him. This incident will just give him more time to chase his grandchildren around.

That second post by anonymous sound like Gibson's drunken paranoid rant. Hatch, did you know your blog generated celebrity interest?

4:24 AM  
Blogger MajTJKingKong said...

I can't believe that you are telling stories of coffee mugs and NGO's f'ing up other countries when you and I both know the real secret. The Hatcher is bringing up the next A-Rod or Luzinski, not sure which but a lsugger we know. I am memorializing our agreement that when wise man Bill signs his first non-rookie contract I get 1/3 of a percent.

I have done a bit of math and assuming that he will get an A-Rod like deal and adjusting for the growth in player salaries this agreement marks-to-market at roughly $1 million dollars payable today. You know my address let me know when the cashiers check is in the mail.



10:29 AM  

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