Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No Comments?

Gee whiz, what does a guy have to do to get a comment these days? I put all of my reactionary rightwing rage into yesterday's post and I get nothing in return. In order to avoid the same fate today, let me pull the old comedian's trick of asking if anyone in the crowd today is from Philly? If so, like me, you are probably too numbed from years of doomed sportsfandom to have the particularly negative stimuli of the dreaded Mets getting a comeback victory over the hanging-on-by-a-thread Phils get to you.

Well, if that loss still depressed you, cheer up - Cindy Sheehan was arrested yesterday for tresspassing or protesting without a permit or something. Maybe she'll get in front of a judge who will get her the psychiatric care she desparately needs. She was beaming from ear to ear as the cops hauled her away, which caused me to reflect on what the appropriate punishment for such crimes to be to discourage people making political theatre out of it so easily. You see - here is a peaceful woman minding her own business stalking the president for 2 months now, being arrested for no reason. Fascists. Now that we are stacking the Court, I say we ship her off to Guantanamo to meet some of the freedom fighters she is so enamored with; it's not like this would cause an uproar among the press, who already talk about the inmates there as if they are a bunch of harmless guys caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Apropos of nothing, let me recommend a few TV shows for your viewing pleasure. Prison Break, on Monday at 9 on Fox, is a great new show, though the underlying conspiracy to which we at present know very little will probably be some crazy leftwing lunacy - I can see it coming, but I don't care. The show is great. Next up - The Office - best comedy ever (Beverly Hillbillies excluded in a league of its own), on NBC on Tuesday nights. Unfortunately it coincides with my softball league, so I won't be seeing it for awhile. But last year, I never laughed as hard as I did when I saw an episode where a guy from corporate came to do some diversity training. Classic stuff. Finally, I'm a huge Lost fan - believe the hype, it is a great show; rent the first season and watch it tonight if you didn't see it, and you'll only be down 1 show (the season opener). Finally, if you have HBO, the Entourage is great - about 3 NY kids sponging off of their about-to-break-it-big actor friend, enjoying the run of the town.

Finally, since there is no overriding theme today, I thought I'd point out something I read today, wherein this guy was lamenting the lack of glamour among Hollywood's leading women, a problem this guy thought would worsen with Julia Roberts claiming she is retiring. Huh? She is perhaps the most unglamorous leading lady in the history of movies. It reminded me of a classic line from Joe Queenan, which I paraphrase here: "Barbara Streisand said she always thought that she was ugly because her mother never told her she was pretty. Julia Roberts has the opposite problem."


Blogger pbryon said...

I couldn't bring myself to comment yesterday. And I left work early to teach yesterday, so I missed the posting until this morning.

But in today's vein, I'll make some recommendations of my own. Val Emmich's "Slow Down Kid" album is in heavy rotation on my iPod, as are the recent albums from the Drive By Truckers.

If you have a chance to go see Robert Randolph and the Family Band in a small club, don't miss the opportunity.

And "The Constant Gardener" is overrated. Too much heavy-handed preaching, not enough murder mystery.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Incredible Dirigible said...

I was gonna comment yesterday, but all I would've said was, that woman writer's a wacko. Enough said.

Re. today's post, I've only seen "The Office" twice but I thought it was hilarious & I'm starting to watch it regularly. Hatch, have you ever seen the 1999 movie "Office Space", with Ron Livingston, Gary Cole, & Jennifer Aniston? It's hilarious, I strongly recommend it.

My wife & I have enjoyed "LOST" almost since its beginning, & have seen every episode thusfar. It's an intense show, but they'd better start resolving some of the mysteries before I get too disinterested to remember what they all were.

I've never liked Julia Roberts. I WORK with girls hotter than her, & I'm a Chemist! And I'm not enamored with her outspokenness (sp?) about her leftwing politics, either.

Has Cindy Sheehan ever made any public acknowledgment of Saddam's atrocities? Dumb question, I guess, but I just thought I'd ask.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want comments pal? Blog about sports. Or hate. Sports and hatred, big comment subjects. Politics? big words like 'apropos' ? Not too good for comments.

Best quotes of the Beverly Hillbillies would be a good post subject. ("I reckon Jethro commenced to Eaton right about when he was born!") I assume you don't mean the movie, which we can pretend just never happened.

For what it's worth, after a few years of good writing and a few of bad, The West Wing is making a resurgence of sorts in what will likely be its last season (esp. if Alan Alda wins -- he already looks dead).

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't watch T.V. I am usually too drunk on Chartreuse.

4:15 AM  
Blogger pbryon said...

I don't know who I hate worse right now, Bush, the Phillies, or the Mets.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Pulvarizer said...

All right Hatcher, I let it slide earlier today, as I decided to respond in this, a bit less public, forum. What the heck is with the assertion that if you didn't support invading Iraq, or think Dubba-yah should have chosen Wal-Mart greeter instead of POTUS as a career ambition, that means you're sending care packages to the Iraqi insurgency? I'm a liberal, proud of it, and think we should be going after bin-Laden, who in case you've forgotten, perpetrated the attack on the U.S. on 9/11, not Saddam. But Bush seems to think bin-Laden and his group are has beens, like the Bee Gees.

As it goes for TV shows, I've watched the Office a few times, desparately wanting it to be good, but come up disappointed every time. I'm still lamenting that the Chappell show ended after 2 seasons. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a good alternative, but not a complete substitute.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Professor Vic said...

Um, yeah... I was going to comment yesterday as well, but I was busy with some TPS reports. Yeah...

I'll probably make a few of my students come in Saturday to work on them. Um, yeah... That would be great.

Plus the piece of shit printer won't print. (Note: this last comment was written in a light Pakistani accent.)

11:35 AM  

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