Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dinkytown and Che

For the Gopher's on the list - Lileks takes a reminiscent walk in Dinkytown and on the UofM campus. Strangely enough, and apropos of my fuller blog entry for today, you can go get a Che Guevara doll in the campus bookstore. Arnie - you are there - how 'bout bringing one back to DC for me?


Blogger Rothy said...

not that dealing in human lives can be reduced coldly to numbers, but from that purely scientific viewpoint, what is all the hub-bub about 1500 US casualties in Iraq when we are trying to liberate a country (or at least steal its oil for our purposes. Doesn't seem like a lot compared to multiples of that number lying in mass graves on the very ground we are occupying, or the millions you mention in your piece that noone knows where they are burried?

7:50 AM  

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